Keeping the target of a sound all- round education, the aims and obj ectives of the DON & DONNA CONVENT, Shahjahanpur are as following:

Providing quality education and pursuit of excellence in all fields.
Along with due emphasis on academic discipline, stress is to be laid on all round character building.
Propagating social, ethical and patriotic values creating responsible citizens of Mother - India.
Ensuring moral, mental and physical growth of the pupils and creating in them a zest for learning.
Enlarging the mental horizon and broadening the outlook of the pupils through training incorporating, team spirit and service of the whole society without any discrimination of caste, creed and community.
Judiciously arousing the esthetic sense of the pupils and inculcating in them habits of personal as well as social hygiene.
Assisting them in enjoying their leisure through healthy recreational activities and hobbies as well as correct reading habits.
Developing in the body and soul of the pupils allthe beauty and perfection which he/ she is capable of. 
Civilizing and enabling them to adopt a humane attitude in their relations with each other.
Maintaining a total atmosphere of obedience to law and discipline by proper utilization of the abundant energy of the child and the youth.