Affendance and Punctua

•  75% of attendance is compulsory. A student having less than 75% attendance may not be promoted to next class. 

•  Application for leave should be sent stating the reasons and period of absence. If a student is getting continuously absent without leave for more than seven days, he/she is liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls. A certificate from a registered medical pr: ctitioner must support request for leave on medical grounds. 

•  In case of a contagious disease, (Chicken Pox, Measles, Mumps etc.) the child will not be permitted to attend the school. 

•  The parents are responsible to cover the syllabus with the child of the duration of his/her absence from the school. 

•  Parents of the habitual/regular late comers may be asked to produce a written explanation. 

•  No extra time will be given to a child in case he/she is late during the Exams. 

•  If needed, special classes may be arranged beyond schedule, for which timings shall be announced in advance. It is compulsory to attend these classes though arranged even on a holiday/ Sunday.