At Don and Donna Convent, we aim for perfection in everything.... including sports. We have sports activities so that students from all age groups can enjoy, relax and exercise all at the same time. We have super coaches and physical education staff from all over the country who are ready to help the students and teach the students how to beat the opposition with skills and good sportsmanship. Before going to play, we give a good warm up to the students, for that we conduct 30 minutes classes of aerobics. Sports facilities include but are not limited to:

•  Athletics •  Cricket
•  Tai-kwan-do •  Karate
•  Basket Ball •  Table Tennis
•  Badminton •  Hockey
•  Soccer •  Volley Ball
•  Judo •  Skating

We also provide chess, carom etc. during leisure time. Individual (1:1) sports coaching start from very basic Kinder Garden.